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Have you ever accidently fell into a cave and died? Well it turns out, it's pretty fun. In this short and sweet platforming puzzler, you travel through the underground using a plethora of acrobatic moves like crouching, sliding, wall jumping, and more. You aren't alone in this journey... well you are, but your soul is separated from your body. Linked together by a tight thread, you must use your soul to reach feat's you couldn't have otherwise. 


  • Run: A and D
  • Crouch: Left Control
  • Slide: Run then Left Control
  • Jump: Space or W
  • Soul Ability: Left Mouse Button
  • Checkpoint: Slam with soul

---- Quick Note -----

We noticed that some monitors don't work very well with the game.  A fix for this would be to force windowed mode by pressing Alt + Enter. This will be remedied in a later patch.

This project was made out of passion for games by game development graduates for the 2021 GMTK game jam.

Team Members:


IDIAC.zip 762 MB

Install instructions

1) Download the zip file

2) Unzip the zip file

3) Play the executable within the folder.


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give settings

allow me to play at 30fps with my shit pc


Loving it, as others have stated it is a really unique puzzle. can't wait to see more!

Nice game! Great graphics and very unique concept.  Cant wait to see the following levels.

Very unique puzzle game with a unique character feature that's refreshing to the platformer genre. The ending lead me to the world that awaits ahead and the possibilities for the future are endless if this continues. I hope you keep at it! Great work guys 👍

I'm glad you liked it! We will keep at it with more features and less broken aspects!


Great little puzzle platformer! Would love to see you guys continue developing this game, especially implementing elements of story. Nice job!

Oh yeh we will be making more! The team really had fun making it for the jam so making it a full production will be more than likely. I appreciate the kind words :)

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This is actually really cool keep up the work you guys! Love the concept! 

Thank you for your kind words! More to come later.